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Skyros island belongs administratively to the island of Evoia to whom it is linked through the port of Kimi.
InnocentSkyros island is less influenced by the tourist development than its neighboring islands.

Its many beautiful beaches surround the island, each one inviting you to swim within it’s own waters.
InnocentLeaving the coast one meets the internal city called "chora" witch is the center of the economic life of the island.

Its is here where one can find many hotels and rooms to let.
InnocentSkyros welcomes you as one of the big island of the Aegean sea, with a total area of 215 square kilometers
and a population of 2991 people. Skyros is the most valuable and alluring jewel in the necklace of islands placed
in the Greek archipelago.


Archaeological Museum of Skyros
In two rooms of the museum contains finds from archaeological sites on the island, dating from the early Greek period (2.800-1900 BC) until Roman times.

Features pottery is of Cypriot origin flask, Attic geometric compass sculpted ponies at the cap, and zoomorphic rhyton (ritual vessel) shaped horse.

The museum includes the following collections:   EH pottery period (2800-1900 BC) from the town of Skyros, etc. Mooring . Importantly, the relief cap from the Cycladic Papalagoudi and Trojan "goblet" from the Mooring.

Archaeological site of Magazia Skyros
The Great Cemetery cist tombs of the Early Iron Age (1000-600 BC).
In and found just south chamber tombs carved into the rock, the Mycenaean period (1600-1100 BC), while in the area there are tombs of the Early Helladic period (3rd millennium BC).

The excavations began by F. Stavropoulos and C. Papadimitriou (1930-1937) and later continued by E. Sapouna-Sakellaraki.

Folklore Museum of Skyros (Faltaits Museum)
The Museum Faltaits Manos and Anastasia is a folklore museum in Brook Square in Chora of Skyros.
This is a traditional art museum, housed in the old family mansion Faltaits.

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