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Commercial Port

Name:     Port of Naxos
Co-ordinates Of The Port:     N37 06' 30" E025 22'
Port VHF Channels .
Call Signs:     CH 12 Port Authorities
Services:     Electricity , Water , Telephone, Rubbish Disposal.


Name:     Marina of Naxos
Co-ordinates Of Marina . Position:     N37 06' 04" E25 22' 0"
Capacity:     Max Loa 30m with 3.5m Draft
Dry Storage Capacity:     88 Boats
Technical Capacity:     25-ton Travelift, 5-ton Crane
Other Services:     Reception office, Weather Report, Refuelling, Mail, Tel/ Fax, Electricity & Water, Toilets & Showers, Medical Centre, Car & Bike Rental, 24 Hr Security, Laundry & Dry , Cleaning, Rubbish Disposal

Places of Interest

The old town of Naxos, Archeological Museum, the Temple of Apollo at the islet of Palatia.
Tours:     Around the island, Naxian idyllic and various walks at the Byzantine Churches and Monuments
Transportation:     Minibuses, Limo, Mini Van , Motorbikes, Taxis.


By Sea:
Ferry Frequency:     To Pireaus:(daily)5.30 Hrs normal Ferry, 4 Hrs with High Speed Boat To Mykonos:(daily) 3Hrs normal Ferry, 35min Superjet, 50min with the Highspeed To Small Cyclades: daily except Sunday with the Express Skopelitis Iraklia 1.35 Hrs, Koufonissi 2.35 Hrs, Schinoussa 3Hrs, Donoussa 4Hrs, Amorgos 6Hrs To Ios;(daily) 2hrs normal Ferry, 50min with the Superjet To Folegandros:(daily) 3.5hrs To Sikinos:(daily) 3.5 hrs
By Air:     Connections Offered To:
To Athens:(Daily) 1 flight per day 40min except from Mondays 2 flights per day
Airlines: OA

Airport Details

International Code Name Of Airport     JNX for Naxos
National / International:     NTL
Length Of Runway:     900m * 300m
Approach:     NDB (325 KHz)
Biggest a/c Accepted:     LGNX [ JNX (ICAO) ] ALL SOFT A/C
Stands Available:     ATR42 DHC7 AND DHC8
Private Planes Capacity:     7 Stands 2tns and helicopters
Distance To/From Airport:     Naxos town to Airport:3km To Ag.Prokopios:5km ,Ag.Anna:6km Plaka:7km ,Filoti:20km Apiranthos:32km ,Chalki:17km
Civil Aviation Authority Working Hrs:     Daily from 09:00 to 15:00 and Sundays until 17:00
Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades.
The rare beauty and the particular topography make it the only island that
does not look like the rest of the Cycladic complex.

The island combines the Cycladic beauty (blue waters, beautiful white houses, cobbled streets
and picturesque neighborhoods) together with a touch of the Sporades and the Dodecanese islands,
given that the dominating vegetation of the major two mountains, Za and Fanari
incur the backbone of Naxos


The Old Town/Market
The old town of Chora Naxos hides a lot of the secrets of the old Naxos.

The old style houses, the little shops, the small tavernas and old style bakeries show the beauty and friendliness of the old town and its people.
It is highly suggested that you go for a walk there.

Venetian Castle
The Venetian castle still remains one of the biggest "live" parts of the history of Naxos and Chora Naxos in particular. 

There are still people living in the Castle area. One of the most well known families still living there is the one of Dellarokas.

Naxos Eye
The famous Naxos' Eye is a special stone that can only been found on the island of Naxos. 

Created by the combination of the Greek sea, sun and other climatic conditions Naxos Eye remains one of the trademarks of Naxos.

You can find it on jewels sold at jewellery shops on the island.

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