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Commercial Port

Name:     Argostoli Port.
Services:     N 38 11.2 E 20 29.5
vhf channels & call signs:     CH 12 Port authority
Services:     Water, Pilot, Tug boat

Places of Interest

Melissani lake, Grogarati cave, Assos village, Fiskardo village, Myrtos bay, St Gerassimos Monastery, St George's castle,St Andrew's abbey, Kipouria abbey, Catavothres, Koryalenios library, the Light house of St Theodoros, the Historic and Folklore museum, the Archeological museum, the Kefalos historical theater, the Lassis peninsula
Tours:     Island tour, North Kefalonia, Corelli's tour, the Beauty of Paliki and the sunset, the Natural beauties, tour with horses
Transportation:     Minibuses, Limo, Mini Van 9 seats, Motorbikes, Taxis.


By Sea:
Ferry Frequency: To Italy/Brindisi and Bari 4 times/week - 10hours
To Patra 2times/day - 3hours To Killini 8times/day - 1.5hours
To Lefkada 3 times/day - 1 hour
To Zakynthos 3times/day - 1.5 hours
By Air:     Connections Offered To:
Athens 45min (2times/day),
Corfu 30 min(3times/week),
Thessaloniki 1hour (3times/week),
Zakynthos 20min (3times/week).
Airlines: OA.
Charter: UK, Austria, Russia, Cyprus, Italy, Germany, Czech Rep.

Airport Details

International Code Name Of Airport     EFL
National / International:     INTL
Length Of Runway:     2.430m
Approach:     VOR DME(111MHz) - NDB(318KHz)
Biggest a/c Accepted:     ALL
Stands Available:     6 large aircrafts
Private Planes Capacity:     13 * 2tns or 3 * 7tns
Distance To/From Airport:     Argostoli: 8km / 10min, Sami: 37km / 40min, Poros: 40km / 50min, Fiscardo: 58km / 75min
Civil Aviation Authority Working Hrs:     Schedule is not provided yet

The largest island in lonian, Kefalonia is a land of contrasts. Just for starters don't miss the view from the castle at Assos.
Οn your left, spread out beneath your feet, ties the enchanting turquoise bay of Myrtos renowned
for its afternoon sun and soft white sand.
Or you might swim in the crystal clear water of Poros. Υοu can also go up to the top of Mt. Enos
{1.628 metres above sea level).

Its slopes are covered with tall, cadar-like fir trees that grow nowhere else in the world.
Οn other parts of the island you’ll run into groves filled with olive or orange trees and hillsides studded with grapevines;
breathtaking golden beaches and deep coves, rugged rocky shores or visit famous caves.

The cave at Melissani
mount enos

The cave at Melissani
is actually a partially covered subterranean lake. When the sun is directly overhead, its rays strike the ultramarine water, shattering into a myriad phantasmagoric colors. Drogorati, on the other hand, is known for its unusual stalactites. Ιn the area of Lassi, 1,5 kilometers from Argostoli, are the famous Katavothres (swallow- holes), a rare geological phenomenon.

Saint Gerasimos Monastery

There are two very important museums in Argostoli; The Archeological Museum as well as the Historical-Folklore Museum. Those are two of the sights that worth your visit. In the archeological museum you will be introduced to the beginnings of the civilization of Kefalonia that was inhabited many years ago. In the Folklore museum you will have the chance to enjoy unique creations of the recent folk civilization.

Kefalonia - Mount Enos
The highest mountain of the area of the Ionian Sea is Mount Enos in the island of Kefalonia, the biggest Ionian island. Its height is up to 1628 meters (the Megas Soros which is the pick of it). It had been a reference point of the wider area since the ancient years and had been devoted to the god Enius Zeus. In the same area there is the unique Kefalinian alpine tree (Abies cephalonica), that prevails in the highest altitudes as well as many rare species of indigenous plants. The Venetians called it « the black mountain» (Monte Nero) because of that specific black colour of the trees.

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