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Commercial Port

Name of port     Fira port
Co-ordinaes of the port:     N 36 25' 06" E 25 25' 42",
ak. Exomitis: N 36 20' 12" E 25 26' 0"
Port vhf channels & call signs:     ch 12 Port Authority of Thira
Services:     Water, Rubbish Disposal.

Places of Interest

Museums , Excavation site of Acrotiri, Ancient Thira
Tours:     Around the Island, Volcanic, Sunset, Tour with Donkeys, Archaelogical.
Transportation:     Mini Buses, Mini Van (8-12 seats), Bikes, Taxis


By Sea:
Ferry Frequency:     To Pireaus: 9hrs- high speed 5hrs, daily.
To Mykonos: 6hrs 3 times / week
To Ios: 1,15hrs, daily.
To Naxos: 3hrs - high speed 1,30hrs, daily
To Paros: 4hrs - high speed 2 hrs, daily
To Heraklion: 4hrs 3 times / week
By Air:     Connections Offered To: Athens 55 min (3-6 x per day) Heraklion 40 min (2 x a week)
Rhodes 50 min (3 x a week)
Mykonos 30 min (4 x a week)
Airlines: OA, Aegean
Charter: Uk, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Israel, Europe.

Airport Details

International Code Name Of Airport     JTR
National / International:     INTL
Length Of Runway:     2.700m
Biggest a/c Accepted:     A300
Stands Available:     4
Private Planes Capacity:     Any number.
Distance To/From Airport:     Port:7km - 15min, Fira Town: 7km - 10min, Oia Village:19km - 30min, Vlychada:19km - 30min.
Civil Aviation Authority Working Hrs:     06.00 - 24.00Santorini is a crescent shape surrounding the black volcanic islands lying in the bay.
Visit the post-minoan town of Akrotiri, with its magnificent wall drawings which used to decorate its houses.

Visit the Prehistorical Museum of Thira which hosts archaeological findings dating back
to the Neolithic Age up to the 17thCentury BC – it is the second largest prehistorical museum in Greece,
after the one of Vergina.

The Archaeological Museum with findings of the Geometric and Roman Years is also worth visiting.
Go around the caldera on a fisherman's boat, visit the islands New and Old Kammeni and Thirasia.

It is most definitely worth walking on the crater of the volcano (only 30mins away from
the port of New Kammeni where the boat drops you off).
Light clothes and sunscreen are highly recommended, as well as loads of water and durable,
soft shoes for this particular excursion!




Santorini owes its existence to it's volcano. Being the only geological phenomenon of the Aegean Sea, the volcano created a place of unique beauty in its heart.

Both Santorini and its volcano will undoubtedly fascinate you. It co-exists with the underwater one of Koloumbos, which is situated 8klm from Santorini, Nisiros, Milos and Methana, as well as the rest of the volcanoes in the Aegean Sea.d.

Oia (Ia), Santorini
The charming settlement of Oia (Ia), located on the tip of northern Santorini, is renowned for its amazing Caldera and sunset view, and its traditional "cave" houses that are built into the side of the reddish cliff. Thousands of visitors spend their holiday in Oia (Ia), staying at the many hotels, suites, traditional houses, villas and rooms that overlook the Aegean Sea and the volcano. A walk through the village's narrow streets is a must, as it offers guests the opportunity to appreciate its unique architecture and to visit the windmills and the Maritime Museum.

Archaeological Sites

There is more to Santorini of course then the bars, restaurants, views of Thira, the quietness of Oia or the beaches and nightlife of the outer coast. There are the ruins of Akrotiri which some claim is evidence that the people that once populated the island may or may not have been the civilization of Atlantis. The first trace of the city was discovered by French archeologists after an eruption of the volcano in 1866. Professor Spyridon Marinatos later unearthed the rest of the city which was preserved by volcanic ash. Marinatos was killed by a fall on the site and he is buried among the stones to which he had devoted his life. Since the ruins are mostly of mud brick the site is covered to shelter it from the elements. You should get here early because once the tour buses arrive it becomes a slow process. But not too early. The new hightech roof they put over the site meant to withstand earthquakes and the wildest storms collapsed on its own three years ago and has only recently been replaced.


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